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Annual Report 2012

Annual Report 2012


ViaVision Marzo 2013

Sometimes it is necessary to go to the limits of technological feasibility. Only then can the synergies and potential for subsequent large scale production be reviewed and assessed. Volkswagen...


ViaVision Febrero 2013

The goal is clear, global greenhouse gas emissions must be reduced. We are still a long way from the widespread adoption of electric or fuel cell vehicles. Therefore, in the meantime, work is...


ViaVision Diciembre 2012

Whether for bottles, windows or mirrors – the applications of glass are as varied as the types of glass. They can be distinguished by various cri-teria such as chemical composition, method of...


ViaVision Noviembre 2012

The braking process of a bicycle is easy to see: a steel cable is pulled, via a handbrake, pushing rubber blocks against the wheel to its left and right. The principle is similar for the...

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